Tales of Blade and Blood

Welcome to Spireholt

Session 3

We meet our group on there travel to Spireholt. Along the road they come across a dark green object. Upon further observation Farr realizes he is a hunter. Checking for a pulse he learn this man has been dead for a while. Noticing an amulet around his neck with an eagle emblazoned on it Farr recognized it as that of the Sleeping Ones. Farr wanted to bury the body, but the group hadn’t a shovel. The brothers couldn’t have cared less about body electing to leave it. The debate continued until Farr decided to do his own form of burial covering the body with leaves.
Suddenly, Gram noticed two men approaching from the rear. He and his brother rested their hands on their weapons as they waited. As the two approached they got better looks at them, one was medium height and weak looking, the other made up for the strength the first one lacked towering above the other. The smaller introduced himself as Harken Soulblood and the other as Grunt. After a small conversation they decided that with the danger of the road that they should join together as one solid group. As they continued forward Harken asked to pay his respects to the deceased and the group agreed to wait. All but Gram who decided to follow him as he was suspicious of the traveler. The man wrote something on a note and saying, “I wish you luck in this life and the next.” The bard approached once he had left reading the note, it read The Soul Flourishes Even in Death. Gram recognized it as a scripture by the Undying Lord. Soon the travelers arrived at Spireholt going their seperate ways.
Our adventures head to the nearest tavern wherin Jakob called out, A flagon of ale to anyone with information on Lord Kellar Leorin. A man staggered over claiming to have some knowledge, and after some drunken misinformation they learned of his habitation with the Dwarves in the north. From there the group divided Farr headed to the refugees from Bremon bringing Jakob with him for protection. Before the two left Gram warned them of the dangers of Spireholt offering to hold onto Farr‘s money for safe keeping, who accepted handing over 6 gold coins. Money in hand Gram headed off on an adventure of his own, most of which the party knows nothing about and met a gnome named Nightshade. After the groups finished their separate tasks they regrouped and Gram bought a shovel, possibly with Farr’s gold, after a little haggling on the price.
As they left the city Arthur‘s correspondence arrived telling that things are good on the home front though Imeria grows restless. Gram wrote back,
Hark Ye Father,
Tell yonder lady Imeria that we will return soon and knowledge on Leorin is good. We shall bring her along when we go to him and we will be back to Bremon in a weeks time. First we must explore some ruins. So alas my Father and Mother I will see thine smiling faces once more.

Afterwards the group set up camp for the night where Gram named his horse Geffery and cuddled up with him for the night. In the middle of the night Farr received a vision from NFC telling him of a magic codex that he must find and use to get a vessel and of a man named Vazira whom Farr should be weary of. Knowing the Red Tower was the last known location of the codex the heroes headed off in that direction. The road on the way there was uneventful and upon arrival they see a large group of tents. Recognizing the banner of the Magi of the Red Tower Gram requested the others to stay behind and as the sun set he infiltrated the Red Tower. Jakob and Farr aproached the tents initiating conversation with an older gentleman, he warned of the tower at night.
Meanwhile, Gram felt something approaching he turned around to see the ghost of a man on fire. He started to run searching for a window to escape from, so sooner did he find one then the ghost began to change his arm becoming a scythe. He slashed at the halfling who leaped out the window just in time to dodge the blade. Not quite sticking the landing he headed back to the group. He arrived in time for another to join Farr and Jakob’s conversation spouting bigotry and racism against Farr. Gram leaped from behind the tent telling the younger man off and when he replied that he had his eye on Farr the bard warned him of the three on him. From there the man walked away and Gram sat down just in time for the story. The older gentleman told a tale of the once great Red Tower. There was a Codex that was used to catalog the various items and books in their possession. Gram asked if there was a artifact or book that could make a darkness enough to blot out the sun. The man replied it was possible indeed. From there the group camped A Gram’s Length away from the Magi of the Red Tower.


it be natural 1 uneventful

Welcome to Spireholt

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